Migraine Prevention: Everyday Habits


We know how awful it can be to deal with a migraine.  Often times, it is debilitating and prevents us from socializing, or even going to work.  It’s important to understand changes in everyday lifestyle habits that can prevent migraines.  Some of the things that make our headaches worse are the very things we should avoid.

Loud noises and bright lights are definitely triggers, including driving at night, going to a club, or the glaring light from the sun.  Everything in moderation is key.  You can enjoy a beautiful sunny day by taking shade, wearing sunglasses, and avoiding extreme heat.

We know that we are what we eat and that includes avoiding foods that trigger migraines.  There are certain foods to be aware of such as chocolate, processed meats, sweets, and cheese. Also, avoiding alcohol, especially wine, can prevent the onset of a migraine headache.  Know what foods and drinks have overwhelming amounts of sugar.  This goes for our favorite- coffee! Consume your daily cup of joe in moderation and you might find yourself headache-free!

Just as we write a to-do list to organize our daily tasks, we should be keeping a log of when we get a headache and how often.  This way, we can easily identify triggers and thus, the severity of our condition.  In your log, include what you ate that day, any differences in routine, as well as the weather, and other strong emotional feelings you may be experiencing.  Mental health contributes to migraine headaches.  Our emotional well-being impacts our physical health more than we can imagine.

Some patients come to us with migraine complaints that may very well be associated with hormonal imbalances.  While these are most common in women, men can also suffer from hormone headache disorders.  Any type of supplement or medication can trigger a change in your hormones.  Be sure to consult with your doctor and let them know about any and all medications, whether over the counter or supplemental vitamins.

Sleep is our best friend and a lack of it or changes in sleep schedule can heavily impact our health, including the intensity of your next migraine.  Learn to relax, get enough sleep, and exercise.  These are all a part of leading a healthy life and in turn, migraine prevention.